A Trip to the Tulips

I felt like it was appropriate to post this before we get too excited and focused on summer. Even so as summer quickly approaches, I love looking back at the school year that has passed and the enjoyable moments that shine out from behind the dull school days. And here's one of those moments:

Kind of on a whim, Olivia, Maddie, and I decided to drive to Dallas to go to the tulip farm in Texas. We left Thursday after school and came back Saturday just in time for Easter. It was so much fun and a nice girls weekend; our first official adult girls weekend. (Okay, we may still be teenagers, but we were in charge of ourselves and, thus, adults.) At the end of the day, I think it's so important to take a break from reality. Now on to the  trip!

We never ended up actually going into Dallas, but stayed in Frisco, which is such a cute little place and reminds me so much of my hometown in Colorado. They have a nice little shopping center with a Jamba Juice and a Starbucks (Breakfast!) and …

Living to Love

So obviously I haven't posted on here in a while. Which directly relates to the breaking of many of my New Year's resolutions. (I know, I'm pathetic.) Any way, even though I wasn't posting, I was still taking pictures (some specifically for the blog!) and still planning things out in my head. In light of the March for Our Lives yesterday, I thought today my be a good time to talk about what "Pro-Life" means to me and share a bit about my experience from the March for Life in January.

Before the shooting in February, I spent a few days in Washington D.C. for the fourth year in a row to March for Life. While the ideas behind this march is to work for a change against the abortion industry, just like the March for Our Lives is a march against gun violence. Every march has been different because of the different people with me, and the inability to create the same moment twice, but mostly because of my mindset at that particular point in time. This year, I decided…

Here's to the New Year

Welcome to the first moment of the rest of your life. (And 2018!)
I graduate in a few short months and I know that time is going to fly by so quickly, which terrifies me, honestly. With that being said, my New Year's Resolution is really just to get my life together before I graduate and have to live under a roof with my mom. This includes but is not limited to: keeping my room clean, starting to save my money/spending my own money, not buying stupid things, eating healthier, and cooking more for myself. There's more to this list and I know it sounds like a lot to take on, but I've been working on this for a while so I'm not too worried about the challenge. 
To help me keep everything in organized, I've created a "creative" journal of sorts and started keeping up with my planner. I've been getting major inspiration from Pinterest and it's been so much fun! Once I get a little more into the creative journal, I'll share some of what's inside. …

Thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving has never been high on the list of my favorite holidays.  I don't care for the fancy food. Mindless chatter isn't one of my strong suits. The traditions are ones I yearn for year after year. This year, however, nothing changed but I put an incredible amount of effort into what I wore. Why? I have no idea, but given that I plan on majoring in fashion merchandising, I figured I need to really start playing the part. When I put the outfit on, I was afraid that someone might call me out for trying to dress like Snow White, but after doing my hair I decided I looked more like someone's mom... Whoops!  At the end of the day, I will say that this is one of my favorite outfits that I've put together. In the spirit of putting things together, I also made dessert for our Thanksgiving meal, and had so much fun with it! I made these little bars, that as my cousin described as "the perfect coffee treat!" On top of everything, today was also my sweet dog, Daisy&…

A Food-Filled Summer

This summer I spent a lot of time looking at food, which isn't something that's generally unusual. On Pinterest, I have multiple food boards, now that I've separated everything into their own categories. What is unusual, is that this summer, I actually made some of the meals that I have been admiring for oh so long. I don't know if it's because I'll be moving out in a year, or if one of my cooking talented cousins inspired me, but regardless I thought I'd share the meals and snacks I made...
1. Apple Slice Cookies:
I've been trying to find some healthier snacks than what I have been previously eating, and I stumbled across these at the beginning of the season... OMG they are so good! The one thing I changed about the original recipe is that it calls for nuts. I am not a nut person, so it was an easy exclusion. (Side Note: this picture was from the first time I made them, and I have since gotten better at slicing an apple!)
Later when I without apples, I di…

Learning as I Go

Outfit Details: Checkered Dress: Thrifted  Shoes: Black Sandals from Shoe Station
I think there are some things in this world that we must learn for ourselves. We can hear from anyone else, but we must experience it and come to that conclusion on our own. With my senior year coming up and so many other changes pressing the gates, I've been so concerned about my future. While the future in itself isn't something I can change or worry about, it hard not to think about it when I'm constantly being asked about where I plan to go to school and what I plan on doing with my life. To answer those questions, I haven't figured that out yet. I don't have a solid plan and that kills the inner-organizer within me.
One of options involves moving away from home and/or going to an out-of-state school. And while I've been itching to get away from my family, my love for them keeps pulling at my heart and nerves. In other words, I'm incredibly nervous/worried/afraid of moving a…