Pūr~Lisse Moisturizers Review

I received the Pūr~Lisse Pūr-Protect Essential Daily Moisturizer and the Pūr~Lisse Pūr-Moist Hydra-Balance Moisturizer from Ipsy, which is a beauty subscription service for $10. While these moisturizers are from higher-end brands, I don't feel like they do their jobs - in other words, they don't moisturize as well as other moisturizers I have tried. I also cannot stand the smell of them. It isn't supposed to be scented, but even the unscented smell is way too strong. One thing I really like about the Pūr~Lisse Pūr-Protect Essential Daily Moisturizer is that it does have sunscreen in it! With all of that being said I wouldn't want to purchase the full-size product. With all of this being said, I have not finished the samples and will update you if I have anything else to say!
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