Washington D.C. ~ Day 2

After the previously exhausting and wet day, we woke up on the earlier side compared to the time I usually wake up. Got dressed and were ready to start the day. In our lobby there was an Einstein Bros Bagels, which is what we had for breakfast before we jumped on the subway to the Gallery Place, Chinatown stop. Now while it was interesting to walk through Chinatown, that wasn't our destination. Our real destination was... Drum Roll Please.... The International Spy Museum! This was the place I wanted to go the most. And let me just say I LOVED it. The Spy Museum is fun and interactive, all the while informative on the history of spying. Definitely a great place to go, even if you're not that into museums.

Also while we were there they had a special James Bond exhibit which was pretty cool. Just as interactive and made me wish I had seen at least one James Bond movie. Still really cool though!

The museum all told took about 2 and a half hours, which means we were hungry and ready for lunch when we finished. A couple of buildings down was a Shake Shack, which serves apparently pretty good burgers. Being that I don't eat burgers, I had a vanilla milkshake and french fries, which were good, but not good enough that I would recommend that everyone eat there. My brother on the other hand thought that his burger was delicious. When I asked how he would describe the eatery his exact words were "Good food, long wait." I can agree with the wait being long, not to mention it was insanely crowded. 

On our way to the Mall and the Smithsonian Museums we passed by Ford's Theater and many little shops and restaurants. Once we got to the Mall, we weren't entirely sure what we wanted to do. And unfortunately the Mall's grounds were under construction, which took away some of it's normal beauty. Same thing with the Capitol Building... It's still under reconstruction.

Eventually we decided on the American History Smithsonian Museum, which even though I've only been there once before, I would say it's my favorite. The last time I went, I was unable to see everything and some exhibits were not yet open. This time there were a few exhibits I had yet to see and some that are more interactive than a regular history museum. The First Ladies' dresses were gorgeous and something you can never see too many times. There was also a special exhibit that was like a preview to the upcoming Smithsonian, the National Museum of African American history and Culture. One of my favorite things in the exhibit was one of the costumes from the popular Broadway musical The Wiz: The Super Soul Musical "Wonderful Wizard of  Oz."
I couldn't get my camera to focus for anything in the world...
This was one of my favorite parts of the museum and got me even more excited for the new Smithsonian. After almost three hours there, we decided it was time to go home only to walk outside and have it start raining... Instead of finding the nearest metro station and taking that back to the hotel, we hailed a cab, who drove us back. 
This dress belonged to Jacqueline Kennedy.
For dinner we went to We, The Pizza again. I order the same slice of pizza and their freshly made Lemon Loves Lime soda that my brother had ordered the night before. Afterwords, we walked down the street to the Cold Stone Creamery.

With the day coming to end, I could say that I was exhausted and could happily check the Spy Museum off my never-ending list of places I would like to go.

With Love, 


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