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Washington D.C. ~ Day 3

While in D.C., we were lucky enough to get in touch with my mom's cousins that live outside of D.C.  They were nice enough to pick us up and bring us to the places that we were unable to get to by way of the metro. Our first stop was the Mount Vernon. It was lovely - it wasn't too hot yet and the garden was in what I consider to be full bloom! After exploring the grounds and going through the small museum we stopped by the little food court at Mount Vernon, where I had a personal sized Pizza Hut cheese pizza and Zapps Voodoo potato chips.

From there we decided to go in the direction of Georgetown, but not quite there yet. Out stop was Roosevelt Island.

Theodore Roosevelt Island is dedicated to the 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt. President Roosevelt was a conservationist, which is part of the reason why and National Park became his memorial. The memorial itself, while gorgeous, I felt was in need of some care. There were some fountains, but they were not…