Washington D.C. ~ Day 3

While in D.C., we were lucky enough to get in touch with my mom's cousins that live outside of D.C.  They were nice enough to pick us up and bring us to the places that we were unable to get to by way of the metro. Our first stop was the Mount Vernon. It was lovely - it wasn't too hot yet and the garden was in what I consider to be full bloom! After exploring the grounds and going through the small museum we stopped by the little food court at Mount Vernon, where I had a personal sized Pizza Hut cheese pizza and Zapps Voodoo potato chips.

The Mansion
The view of the Potomac from the porch.
From there we decided to go in the direction of Georgetown, but not quite there yet. Out stop was Roosevelt Island.

Theodore Roosevelt Island is dedicated to the 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt. President Roosevelt was a conservationist, which is part of the reason why and National Park became his memorial. The memorial itself, while gorgeous, I felt was in need of some care. There were some fountains, but they were not working. Regardless of that it was incredibly peaceful and relaxing, especially when you know the road and large city is not too far away.

The bridge you cross to get to the Island. 
A statue of the man himself
This was part of one of the fountains.
I'm in love with the detail put into the memorial. 
Overall I would say it's a hidden gem. While it is already on your map, the Island should be marked as one of your stops.

From there we drove into Georgetown to go to my one of my favorite destinations of this whole adventure: Georgetown Cupcake. While I'm not sure how popular the show ever was, I personally love TLC's D.C. Cupcakes, a cupcake show following the bakery Georgetown Cupcake, which was founder by two sisters Katherine and Sophie. It has always been my dream to visit Georgetown Cupcake and get my hands on one of the delicious cupcakes. And finally the dream came true and it was incredible. While the line to order was a tad bit long, many people said that the line was much shorter than usual - so I guess we got lucky.

As for the cupcakes themselves, they were delicious! I ordered Vanilla & Chocolate for myself and ended up sharing Milk Chocolate Birthday with my mom. First my opinion of Vanilla & Chocolate. For starters I am going to say that I am not much of an icing person. I don't like a ton of icing and often scrape a good bit of the icing off. I did not do this with these cupcakes but instead broke off the bottom and made it like a sandwich! When I ordered Vanilla & Chocolate it didn't register with me that the chocolate was going to be dark chocolate (which was kind of stupid of me...) Even though I am not the biggest fan of dark chocolate I have to say I really liked the dark chocolate frosting. And the vanilla cake and the frosting complemented each other perfectly.

It looks delicious!
The second cupcake, Milk Chocolate Birthday, was truly perfection. I mean seriously. I have no words except to say that I think I may be in love with this cupcake. I even enjoyed the frosting enough to where I wouldn't have made it into a cupcake sandwich! Except the frosting looked like it was going to fall so I did it anyway, but whatever... 

I'm in love!
We ended up eating the cupcakes in our hotel because the bakery was so crowded! But the taste was fresh and magical. I definitely want to go back! What if I could one day work there....

Because who wouldn't want a cupcake?
After taking a few moments to catch our breath, finish our cupcakes, and allow me to change my outfit, we went to dinner at Noodles & Co. and got aboard the metro to head downtown. That night we went to see the monuments at night and they were just as gorgeous as they are during the day.

Clearly I really like taking photos of the Washington Monument :)
The only complaint I really have is that there were a lot of bugs near the reflecting pool, making it hard to take pictures and open your mouth... The Lincoln Memorial is a very popular place at night, so we didn't go all the way up, but that was okay. I also have to say it was really interesting to see the Washington memorial in all of the different lighting...

After a night out, we took a taxi back to the hotel. It was a peaceful ending to a lovely night.

With Love,

P.S. I want to apologize for taking so long to get this up! I've been crazy busy and a tad bit lazy... I'll try to get Day 4 up as soon as I can! 


  1. Nice pictures!
    Seems like you had a great day!
    Stupid bugs haha



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