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Hopping Through the Holidays

Hello and Merry Christmas! Between parties, gift wrapping, baking, shopping, and the traffic of all the last minute shoppers, I am beat. I went to at least five different stores yesterday and was out for four hours shopping. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE shopping. But with Christmas just a couple days away, all I want to do sleep and watch Christmas movies. Actually I want to try to watch as many Christmas movies as possible this year, especially the ones I haven't seen yet. So far I have seen: Elf,Love Actually, and 12 Dates of Christmas. While three movies may not be a lot, it's more than I typically watch during the Christmas season, but I intend on watching more soon. 
In the season of celebrating, I hosted a party the other day. A very laid back party because like everyone else, we have all been very busy. But to keep up with my busy life I baked at least 50 chocolate chips cookies, about 25 sugar cookies, and a lot of chocolate flowers. I was exhausted following the pa…

Let's Start at the Very Beginning

A very good place to start...
I've been through than I care to mention. Stuff that is too personal to speak of (especially online). But when  I was younger I went through an experience that I would never wish upon someone. I was young at the time and never really got the chance to heal properly. I healed but the wound still opens every now and then. 
More recently however, I had hit what was the lowest point I had ever been at. I may or may not be depressed. I was never actually diagnosed with depression but feel as such fairly often. Regardless I am seeing someone to help through this time. 
I have always lived inside my head. This has been for as long as I can remember. I've always wanted to be a princess and live the life of a fairy tale. Though I am aware that this is unattainable, especially in this world, I try to make the world as happy of a place as possible. I have come to the conclusion that if those around me are happy then I shall be happy as well.

I hope to fill y…