Hopping Through the Holidays

Hello and Merry Christmas!
Between parties, gift wrapping, baking, shopping, and the traffic of all the last minute shoppers, I am beat. I went to at least five different stores yesterday and was out for four hours shopping. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE shopping. But with Christmas just a couple days away, all I want to do sleep and watch Christmas movies. Actually I want to try to watch as many Christmas movies as possible this year, especially the ones I haven't seen yet. So far I have seen: Elf, Love Actually, and 12 Dates of Christmas. While three movies may not be a lot, it's more than I typically watch during the Christmas season, but I intend on watching more soon. 

In the season of celebrating, I hosted a party the other day. A very laid back party because like everyone else, we have all been very busy. But to keep up with my busy life I baked at least 50 chocolate chips cookies, about 25 sugar cookies, and a lot of chocolate flowers. I was exhausted following the party. But I feel like many are always exhausted around this season because of the hustle and bustle or the season. 

The Chocolate Flowers Before Being Made
May your Christmas be Merry and Bright
With Love,


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