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A Happily Ever After to Come Soon

Rehearsal Dinner Outfit (Red Dress)
Dress: Francesca's Cardigan: Target Lip Product: NYX Lip Cream in Amsterdam Wedding Outfit (Pink and Black Dress) Dress: Modcloth Coat: (Old) Vertiage Clothing Tights: Macy's Shoes: Call It Spring
So I originally started this the other day, while sitting on a tour bus in Washington D.C. writing about an event that happened almost two weeks ago. All this writing did not save anywhere so here I am starting from scratch... Two weeks ago I attended my cousin's wedding in Colorado and it was gorgeous. It was kind of a low-key wedding - if that's a thing. The theme was kind of a natural gorgeous. The bridesmaids dresses were a deep green lace. I was almost in love as the Bride and Groom. Well... not really. But it was so wonderful to see so much love in them as they begin their life together.  In a world full of hate their love will always win. While it was great to see the family again and to be back in my home state again, I loved dressing up f…

You Only Know What I Want You To

I think one of the hardest things for me is opening up. (That and relaxing, accepting, calming down, etc.). Today was a rough day, I'm not going to lie, but while my friends wanted to know why I was so upset, I couldn't tell them the whole truth because some of them just wouldn't understand. I keep my emotions bottled up, but when the bottle gets full their now way to prevent the unwanted tears from streaming down my cheeks. Naturally when you see someone crying, a first instinct is to hold them. While that would be wonderful, I hate crying in front of people. In fact a hug just makes me cry even more, partly because the vulnerability. Earlier today, before I started crying, I turn to my dear friend and said, "Sometimes I just wish that someone would hold me close..." I am just a closed off, secretive person and don't trust maybe as easily as I should. I guess part of this extra vulnerability is that I am going to be missing school for a couple of days and try…

Only in the Perfect Setting

And let me just begin with saying that the setting is not a school building... In said perfect setting I would have a much larger closet, be free to do as I please and not have to worry about school tomorrow. I haven't been to school for two weeks and as usual am dreading my return tomorrow morning. I am not ready to deal with the stereotypical "white-girls" who don't for a second understand anything and expect their fathers and mothers to pay for everything for the rest of their lives. This, in turn, is why I cannot wait to be older and out of school. While I understand that once you are out of school life is much more difficult for reasons such as caring for yourself, providing for yourself, etc. But in some ways I feel like I am ready. Not to mention, and perhaps this shows my ignorance, but I would like to take some time almost immediately after college to travel and do only things that make me happy. Provide for myself while traveling around the country or perhap…

New Year's Resolutions for a New Me?

Iam one of the millions of people who make and attempt a New Year's resolution. I am also of those who fail. I'm not going to lie, my resolution usually has something to do with my body and changing it or creating a healthier lifestyle. I'm not going to lie in the past year I have lost a little weight, I've quit hiding as much and have become more body confident. So this year my resolution will probably be the same thing and I will only semi-succeed with this resolution.
I think I drive my friends insane because I take so many pictures, and I have them take pictures of me, and sometimes I take that perfect selfie that I just obsess over. But after thinking about it, I can't figure out why I take so many pictures or why I have them take so many pictures of me. I did come up with some reason as to why I may obsess over a perfect selfie though... Part of it is that I lack a certain confidence in myself. That being said when I take a picture of myself that at first glan…