A Happily Ever After to Come Soon

Rehearsal Dinner Outfit (Red Dress)

Dress: Francesca's
Cardigan: Target
Lip Product: NYX Lip Cream in Amsterdam
Wedding Outfit (Pink and Black Dress)
Dress: Modcloth
Coat: (Old) Vertiage Clothing
Tights: Macy's
Shoes: Call It Spring

So I originally started this the other day, while sitting on a tour bus in Washington D.C. writing about an event that happened almost two weeks ago. All this writing did not save anywhere so here I am starting from scratch...
Two weeks ago I attended my cousin's wedding in Colorado and it was gorgeous. It was kind of a low-key wedding - if that's a thing. The theme was kind of a natural gorgeous. The bridesmaids dresses were a deep green lace. I was almost in love as the Bride and Groom. Well... not really. But it was so wonderful to see so much love in them as they begin their life together. 
In a world full of hate their love will always win.
While it was great to see the family again and to be back in my home state again, I loved dressing up for the rehearsal dinner and the wedding. I am always ready to dress up for any occasion, even if that occasion is just going to dinner with friends. I had my hair and makeup done as well as some gorgeous dresses to celebrate the love between man and woman. 
I think what I miss that most about Colorado is the mountains. I was never incredibly athletic. I played soccer maybe took a hike now and then, but just looking at them against the skyline. You can see them or foothills from almost anywhere. They're one of God's greatest creations. 
While the main reason of the trip was the wedding, we also saw some of my old neighbors and friends as well as celebrated my cousin's 9th birthday at Casa Bonita. Casa Bonita is an overpriced Mexican restaurant with stunt performers in Denver. While my food was terrible I enjoyed playing in the arcade.  
In talking to everyone I got so tired of hearing the same questions: What are you thinking about for college? What do you plan majoring in? What classes are you taking? Do you have a boyfriend? To all these questions my answers were pretty much the same: maybe LSU, Journalism or Elementary Teaching or School Counseling, mostly honors, and no. One of my aunts told me that if I like to write so much then maybe I should start a blog - that made me laugh as I've had this one for about six months. 
I feel like I just have nothing else to say as so much has happened since these moments... But I promise I will write about Washington D.C. within the next couple days!
With Love, 


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