New Year's Resolutions for a New Me?

I am one of the millions of people who make and attempt a New Year's resolution. I am also of those who fail. I'm not going to lie, my resolution usually has something to do with my body and changing it or creating a healthier lifestyle. I'm not going to lie in the past year I have lost a little weight, I've quit hiding as much and have become more body confident. So this year my resolution will probably be the same thing and I will only semi-succeed with this resolution.

I think I drive my friends insane because I take so many pictures, and I have them take pictures of me, and sometimes I take that perfect selfie that I just obsess over. But after thinking about it, I can't figure out why I take so many pictures or why I have them take so many pictures of me. I did come up with some reason as to why I may obsess over a perfect selfie though... Part of it is that I lack a certain confidence in myself. That being said when I take a picture of myself that at first glance reminds like a Tumblr girl or something that would get endless likes on Instagram it sparks a certain happiness inside of me, and it feels so special. I just want to share that joy with everyone, but inadvertently, they get the wrong idea and feel as if I am just bragging on how gorgeous I look.  

This may turn out to be another resolution: finding that happiness and not sharing it in what feels to be a bragging manner. I dream to find this sort of confidence everyday and want to be able to grasp instead of groping around in the dark for something barely tangible. 

Happy New Year, and may only the best people and moments fill 2016!

With Love, Jacquelyn


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