Only in the Perfect Setting

And let me just begin with saying that the setting is not a school building...
In said perfect setting I would have a much larger closet, be free to do as I please and not have to worry about school tomorrow. I haven't been to school for two weeks and as usual am dreading my return tomorrow morning. I am not ready to deal with the stereotypical "white-girls" who don't for a second understand anything and expect their fathers and mothers to pay for everything for the rest of their lives.
This, in turn, is why I cannot wait to be older and out of school. While I understand that once you are out of school life is much more difficult for reasons such as caring for yourself, providing for yourself, etc. But in some ways I feel like I am ready. Not to mention, and perhaps this shows my ignorance, but I would like to take some time almost immediately after college to travel and do only things that make me happy. Provide for myself while traveling around the country or perhaps that world. But as the adage goes: a girl can dream, can't she?
To make the aforementioned dream a little more logical, maybe I could go to the places I've heard of to find a job? Travel and research the places I've looked at. I know typically what kind of area I would like to live in, but there are so many areas that I have seen. Very few of these places I've ever actually been...
but once again, that is only wishful thinking...

Here are a few pictures of what I did in my Perfect Setting during the break:
I drank some hot coco
I took some nice warm baths

This wasn't the only fire I sat by :)
I also did this cute little craft thing - I'll try and post a picture of it soon on Instagram or something.

I hope you have a positively wonderful week and don't catch the Monday Blues!
With Love, Jacquelyn 


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