A Busy, Lovely Week

So I have been so ridiculously crazy lately: having something almost everyday before and after school as well as a ton of homework because we are getting ready for Spring Break. That's really the only thing that is keeping me going... spring break. I'm actually going to Puerto Rico for a mission trip, so I have also been planning and getting ready for that. 
So let me just start from a little bit of last week...
Last week, both my Ipsy Bag and Birchbox came in, and they were pretty good. Also on Friday I went to a library book sale... I am OBSESSED with books, especially the older ones. As you can see from the first picture I got about six Southern Living Christmas books. Five out of the six are from the 1980s, which kinda makes me really happy. The book at the bottom is an American Theater Review, copyright 1967. I bought two books from the 1950s and another little novel that I think I've heard of before. In the words of the elderly woman who I paid for the books, "You are getting about a thousand dollars worth of books for under $10." Which I enjoy saving money and deals, so my heart fluttered when she said that....
The other big thing that happened this weekend is that I voluntarily participated in a fundraising fashion show. Of my two outfits shown above, the white dress was more comfortable and easier to wear, but the blue dress is more like what I would usually wear. I didn't really like the way the lady did my hair, but it all turned out alright in the end. 
Following my crazy busy weekend, today I helped host an Easter Egg Hunt at my school for the staff and alumni's children - it was so much fun and the children were so cute! 

Also, given the horrors that happened this morning in Brussels, I would just like to say that my prayers are with them...
With Love,


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