Long White Dresses

For the past few months I've been spending my time looking for a floor-length white gown, shoes to match, and trying to figure out how my hair was to be done for the occasion: Sweet XVI. The mothers at my school put this on every year for the girls in 10th grade to celebrate their sixteenth birthdays. While it was fun, aside from the main presentation, it was like almost any other school dance with less people. A special occasion, but nothing to special. 

Our afterparty, if you could even call it that was small and nice. While my friend was supposed to come along with her date, she wasn't feeling to well and went home. With that being said, I must say that our dates and I had fun. Or at least I had fun. We ordered pizza and watch The Notebook. The boys actually got really into it... But regardless it was relaxed and nice, especially after being with a big group. I have to say as someone who likes getting dressed up, I loved the attire. Everyone looked so formal and everything was so nice. It was like a predecessor to my wedding ;)

With it being such a nice weekend, it felt like hell to go back to school with due dates, deadlines, and drama. So much drama. But I cannot get into to that without going insane so on another topic, I have come across some really great music. I was recently going through my saved songs on Spotify and, not going to lie, stalking people's playlists. This lead to the creation of two playlists, "je ne sais pas" and "childlike comfort," and the discovery of:
"Lost Boy" - Ruth B
"Big Jet Plane" - Angus & Julia Stone
"Georgia" - Vance Joy
"She Burns" - Foy Vance
"Time" - Mikky Ekko
"Stealing Cars" - James Bay
"Suitcase" - Emeli Sandé

Of these songs, six of the seven are in "childlike comfort" because upon hearing them, I get the same feeling. I am overcome with an almost identical emotion. This is actually how I make my playlists: based on feelings. 

"je ne sais pas" is a special playlist as it is one that has such a wide variety of songs it is truly terrifying. When going through all my songs on Spotify I realized there were so many that I had never really heard or had no idea what they were. In that moment I decided to create a playlist full of songs that I was unable to sing any of it. While that may not have been the best wording, let me try again. Any song that I could not pick out a tune or sing a single word of, went into the playlist. It has been really nice learning and exposing myself to new music...

Sorry if this post is a little random, but I would love to hear any of you music suggestions!

With Love,


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