To Learn is to Love

Monday, May 16, 2016

I Could Be Studying But,

There's so many other things to be thinking about!
I've honestly reached a point in the school year, where if it's not required I'm probably not going to do it. Tomorrow, I will have a week until school lets out. I have had multiple travel-inspiring Pinterest boards made and multiple up-beat summer playlists ready for the past few months. Oh, and I started a summer bucket list the other day!
As my sophomore year in high school comes to a close, I have a few thoughts I would like to share.
First off, I am very excited for the class of 2016 because I have grown so close to so many of them. I even have two cousins that are preparing to graduate. I grew up with them so it is blowing me away that they are going to college this fall and I will be there in two years. I feel entirely way too jealous, however, because with my matured state of mind, I long to be with them. I long to be wearing a cap and grown nervous to start my life. But good things come to those who wait. 
Secondly, I have for so long, wanted a break and now that it is almost here, I am saddened to see how quickly the time has passed, again for multiple reasons. There are some classes I do wish would last just a tad bit longer, while others I gave up on a while back. My second sadness of the year coming to a close so quickly reminded me of how quickly my summer break will go by before I return to school. 
As per usual, I have some new (to me) songs to share with you, but before, I here's a little preview of MY SUMMER BUCKET LIST:
Watch a Ton of Movies (Any suggestions??)
Yoga in the Mornings
Learn to Make Pound Cake
Learn to Make Angel Food Cake
Late Night Water Balloon Fight
Try Some Local Restaurants
Visit Surrounding Cities
Explore My Own City

I know those ideas are a little vague, but it's is just the ground work for an amazing summer :)
Now for my song suggestions:
"Drive" - Glades
"Settle" - Vera Blue
"Sit Still, Look Pretty" - Daya
"N Y L A" - Blackbear
"We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off" - Elle Eyre
"Hold" - Vera Blue
"calling" - Lewis Watson

With Love,