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two down, two to go

I can now say that I have officially completed my sophomore year, even though it was a little over two week ago. As to whether it was good or bad I cannot say. My teacher told us when looking at the Medieval Ages, yes it was a time filled with plague, death, and corruption, but it was also a time of enlightened thinking and new innovations, many of which that are still used and the basis of our lives today. Thus said, there was a ton of stress, lots of work and complicated teachers, but also much academic success for me. Long story short, I am ready for a break that's more than a week long. I not ready, however, for next year.  One thing I dislike are surprises and the unknown. While I understand that everyday is a surprise, I've always had issues with complete acceptance of that. I am taking my first Advanced Placement (AP) course as well as a Dual Enrollment course, meaning I will be a high school student as well as a college student. While this is very exciting for me and I …