two down, two to go

I can now say that I have officially completed my sophomore year, even though it was a little over two week ago. As to whether it was good or bad I cannot say. My teacher told us when looking at the Medieval Ages, yes it was a time filled with plague, death, and corruption, but it was also a time of enlightened thinking and new innovations, many of which that are still used and the basis of our lives today. Thus said, there was a ton of stress, lots of work and complicated teachers, but also much academic success for me. Long story short, I am ready for a break that's more than a week long. I not ready, however, for next year. 
One thing I dislike are surprises and the unknown. While I understand that everyday is a surprise, I've always had issues with complete acceptance of that. I am taking my first Advanced Placement (AP) course as well as a Dual Enrollment course, meaning I will be a high school student as well as a college student. While this is very exciting for me and I am curious to see how this all goes, my mind cannot help but wander to the more-distant future as it usually does. I have spent the past two summers planning dream-like vacations to places near and far, researching into possible career options, and finding futures cities to call home. (And watching movies of course!)
While I have done a little this future planning already, I've been trying to be more proactive for now and the near future. For example, I've been clearing out and organizing closets like my life (and sanity) depend upon it. And little by little have been cleaning the disaster that is my room. It started getting messy around Christmas and never tried to save my sanity by cleaning it. So I am in the process of that currently, but I think I may rearrange what sits on the various dressers and tables in my room. Change, while I often refuse it, is constant and can be a good thing.
Other than cleaning I have been binge-watching House Hunters and watching a good amount of movies to go along with my summer bucket list. So far I've watched fourteen movies and have made twelve paper snowflakes. Even though it's only been a week or so into the summer, I feel like so many other people's summers have been so much more interesting than mine. But the grass is always greener, so I have been to concerned with that. The better part of my mind has been focused on organization and then further self-improvement and growth, part of which includes training myself not to compare myself to others but embrace and enhance my best qualities. Luckily my current plans are things that can be done inside though, as the weather has been terrible here!
Among the lack of excitement, I also took the ACT test a couple of days ago. Being the studious student I am, I REALLY want my scores. They said the wait time was 3 - 8 weeks, which is a rather large gap...  I think it went well, despite my lack of preparation.
While the majority of my summer plans have yet to be determined, I am nervous with excitement for the next couple of months!

With Love, Jacquelyn

P.S. Sorry for the lack of pictures - I've barely taken any for awhile...


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