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California Dreaming...

The last time I was in Cali

Homecoming Weekend ~ 2016

Outfit Details: Striped Dress: Modcloth // Moon Collection Hat: Thrifted // Terry B.  Shoes: Shoes Station // Dunes Homecoming Dress: Modcloth // Chi Chi London Shoes: Dillards // Steve Madden
One thing I'm never good at is keeping up with things... And finding time for things... And task management... And a lot of other things... In other words, I meant to post this Monday, but now it's Thursday. I don't know about anyone else but this has been a truly crazy week.  Between homework, meetings, auditions, and elections, I have never slept so little in one week. And ironically, none of it is from a lack of sleep after the Homecoming Dance.  Starting with Friday, the day on which I was only a school for a couple hours and did NOTHING educational, I went to an estate sale in town. The lady who had lived in the house, someone I had met a time or two, kept almost everything. I kid you not, EVERYTHING. Because of this there were thousands of clothes, antiques, hats, purses, and so muc…