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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Break to New Orleans

Denim Dress: Thrifted // Vintage Studio
Denim Jacket: Thrifted // Lee's Denim
Boots: Shoe Station 
Blue Jeans: Old Navy 
Black Purse: Kate Spade 

This past weekend provided a lovely little adventure to New Orleans. I love New Orleans, and I will use any and every excuse to get there - including a high school football game. I mean I really do enjoy going to my school's football games, but I will be going to a the football game of a college I can't stand just to go to New Orleans so... 
But anyway, we packed up Friday morning (after I went to Goodwill!), and headed East. Luckily our team won for the first time in history! I was so excited but so exhausted after the ending of the game. We kept it simple that night and went to our favorite pizza place by the Superdome, Reginelli's. I love their calzones. Like I said, we kept it simple. 
The next morning, however, we get up a little later and went to New Orleans Coffee & Beignet Co. It may not be Cafe DuMonde, which I've never actually been to, but it's the best I know. Following breakfast, we forced my brother to come with us to Lush before heading home. Which if I might add, I spent way too much there!
Like I said it was a quick trip. Part of the reason being that I had so much homework and my brother hates New Orleans. But please enjoy the few photos I took and look forward to some fun posts coming up!
Much Love, Jac 

P.S. A HUGE S/O goes to my great friend Liv who took some of these pictures of me!

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