To Learn is to Love

Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Longing

It's been more than a month since I've returned from my 24 hour excursion to New York City, and with almost every moment, my desire to return back to that area of the Nation grows stronger. Just as I fell in love with D.C and L.A., I have fallen for New York. 
Though some may be turned away from the towering structure, multitudes of people, and the bright lights, I strive in their presence. I live for the blinding lights and the creativity that bleeds through the streets, and the magic that I breathe in. The city was, is, and forever will be breathe-taking. 
Because we weren't there very long, I don't have too much to tell about what we did. We went to the 9/11 museum, which was phenomenal and I definitely recommend, we went on a tour of the city, and saw the Statue of Liberty. I would love to go and spend a longer period of time there, but that's an adventure for another day. 

Much Love, Jac

Friday, February 24, 2017

A Love for Life

Long time no see? I have had such a crazy January and February. Actually, I spent most of February catching up from January, but anyway. One of the biggest parts of January was I went on the annual March for Life in Washington D.C. for the third year in a row. This year, it was a tad bit different. We also went to New York (MY FIRST TIME) and the emotions were very different this time. 
(side note: I'm going to do another post about New York later; this will be only about the March.)
So as I mentioned, this was my third time marching up to the Supreme Court building in the Capitol. My fifth time stepping foot in the gorgeous city. If I never live here, I will have failed something: that is how much I love this city. I look forward to this trip every year because I love this city and I am so passionate about the pro-life movement. 
This year, however, I felt it was more somber. Or maybe I was more somber. Before, I knew abortion was wrong; I knew it was the murder of an innocent being. This year, I am older and I know more about the process and the long-term effects.  All information makes me sick. The sick feeling I get in my stomach at even the mention of the word, makes me fearful. But why am I here talking about it? Why do I listen to speech after speech? Why am I reading the statics and repeating them and always spreading the word? Because I have such passion about this topic and don't want to live without seeing it end.
On the other hand, there was a feeling of hope because of the recent inauguration of the new president. There was a lot more energy and a lot less protesters as there have been in the past. If my memory serves me correctly, there were more pro-choice protesters last year when we were preparing for a blizzard. 
Regardless, of my mixed emotions and stresses following my return.
Much Love, Jac