Red Shirt, White Shoes, and Blue Pineapples?

Outfit Details:
Shirt & Shorts: Thrifted
Socks: Hue/Marshalls (Here are some other fun ones by Hue and Happy Socks!)
Shoes: Target 
Black Backpack: Forever 21
Necklace & Ring: Vintage/Thrifted 
Pin: Thrifted (It's a lot like the Tsum Tsum one!)

After making sure I had red, white, and blue in my outfit, I wore an even better 4th of July outfit a couple days later. *sigh*

This is one of my typical/ more casual outfits. This look, an old/thrifted button down with the longer denim shorts, crazy socks and Keds, is something I wear all the time. It's casual and comfortable, especially since the shorts are usually a little large for me. The necklace is one that I've had since I was young. Young enough that I've lost it half a dozen times, but old enough that I remember getting it. I wear it almost every day. The ring is my senior ring actually, that I found at a local vintage shop in town. To tie off almost all of my looks, I usually wear a pair of fun socks, which I have a ridiculous amount of!

I wrote something the other night that I can't wait to post! Stay tuned!

Much Love, 


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